Exploring the Markets and Souks of Morocco

The street markets and souks of Morocco should always be on your ‘to-do’ list while spending time here. Who could resist the sights, aromas and ambience that will unveil before you?

Wherever you happen to be in the Kingdom, you are never far from a market. The country’s history is founded on trading routes that still […]

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Visiting Morocco during Ramadan?

Learn about the realities of Ramadan from the perspective of a Muslim living in Marrakech. Rachid Aoutouf, Co-Director of Magnificent Morocco Tours, explains.

Ramadan is a time to think of others less fortunate than ourselves; the poor, the infirm and the homeless, for example. It is in our religious culture to offer these people help and […]

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Balek! Balek! 9,000 alleyways in Fès!

With no mechanized transportation allowed inside the 9,000 narrow alleyways of the Fès el-Bali walled medina, you may wonder how the all the fresh produce and the raw materials to manufacture the millions of souvenirs are delivered to the artisans and traders everyday. Enter – to the cries of “Balek-Balek” (Arabic for “Get out of […]

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Laser-guided prayers

With glass floors to view the ocean beneath, a sliding roof so that prayers can be offered in sunlight or under the stars and doors crafted from titanium, the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca combines ancient tradition with modern technology. Not only is it the largest mosque in Morocco and Africa, but at 210m also […]

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And the winner is…


Apart from the amazing scenery to be found as you travel around Morocco, there is no shortage of unusual sights as well. One of our clients captured this rather precariously loaded vehicle while travelling from Fès to Merzouga. We had no hesitation in awarding First Prize to her in our April 2014 feature of “Unusual […]

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Behind closed doors


There’s an old saying in Morocco that you cannot tell a house by its door. It’s a characteristic with deep-rooted religious origins based on the principle of not outwardly displaying one’s wealth. As you wander round an old Berber village, you’ll see many a simple façade and entrance. Inside it is homely, intimate and welcome. […]

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Grooving with the Gnaoua


Essaouria’s amiable convergence of Arabian, African and European cultures has long been a popular platform for this Atlantic town’s annual Gnaoua and World Music Festival – a showcase for the traditional music of Morocco and a source of musical inspiration for a global audience. The event attracts established and breakthrough artist from Morocco and beyond […]

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Chilling news from Ifrane


Temperatures hit a new low in 1935. On February 11 that year – less than 60kms south of the Imperial City of Fès – the resort town of Ifrane in the Middle Atlas Mountains recorded -24ºC (-11ºF), the lowest temperature ever recorded in Africa.

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Mysterious times in Fès


When you are walking through the Old Medina in Fès, make sure you ask your guide to explain how the medieval water clock works. He loves a challenge! Constructed in 1357, the Dar al-Magana served to regulate prayer times. But the complex – and quite ingenious – combination of water reservoirs, metal balls, gongs, keyhole […]

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Mixing it up with Hendrix


Many of the facts relating to Jimi Hendrix’s visit to Essaouira in July 1969 have become amusingly distorted through the passage of time. One such “legend” is that the half-submerged ruined watchtower of Bourj El Baroud – half buried by sand and half submerged by the tides – just south of Essaouria’s Oued Ksob, inspired […]

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