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Morocco Uncovered

Discovering the other side of Morocco

Close your eyes for a moment and think of Morocco. What images spring to mind?

The Sahara, the Atlas Mountains, glorious beaches and perhaps the mystique of Marrakech?

Time and time again, these are the destinations that attract millions of visitors to Morocco every year. But, there is so much more to Morocco than meets the casual eye.

With years of experience and our in-depth knowledge of what lies beyond the popular “Moroccan holiday”, we can introduce you to the other side of Morocco where you can get under the skin of this wonderful country rather than just skimming the surface.

We appreciate that every visitor has different expectations. That’s why we offer a menu of special interests and activities which can be incorporated to your personalized tour. Choose just one of the options – or mix and match to create the perfect combination for your requirements - and we will design your personalized tour to your individual specifications.

No matter how, when or where you want to travel – or whatever you want to see or do – we will go the extra mile to create an itinerary that embraces your special requirements.

Browse through some of the many options available to you. And, even if you don’t see what you are looking for (there is so much to choose from!) we can arrange this for you.

Then, use the form below to email your ideas and requirements to us – and we will start to build your tour around you. The process is easy and fun – and you can take extra satisfaction from designing a tour which only you will have the chance to enjoy and cherish forever.

Art galleries and displays

Bodega visits and wine tasting

Backpacking and camping

Boutique hotels and riads

Camel trekking

Desert adventure

4x4 expedition


Fine art and fashion

Golf breaks and tours

Heart of the souks

Horse riding and trekking

Hot air ballooning

Jewellery tour

Kite surfing and sailboarding

Moroccan cooking workshops

Moroccan dance workshops

Mountain biking


Museums and architecture

Music workshops

Quad biking

Rock climbing

Romantic breaks

Scuba diving

Skiing and snowboarding

Spa breaks and hammams

Stay with a Berber family

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