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Educational Tours

Morocco – an education in itself

Few countries in the world come close to challenging the diversity and cultural heritage to be found in Morocco.

A rich tapestry woven with religion, architecture, music, history, art, incredible landscapes and traditions provides an outstanding backdrop for students of all ages and disciplines to study abroad and appreciate.

Student Awareness Tours

Our Student Awareness Tours provide groups of students with the opportunity to travel and learn. We work closely with your educational establishment to create a tour that is more than just a holiday with some great photographs.

We design and manage a range of activities that enable your students to touch the very fabric of Moroccan life and gain a true understanding of the lifestyles and values of our people.

For every tour we can make arrangements for:

Above all, a Student Awareness Tour will not only change the way your students think about Morocco. It will change their way of thinking.

Advanced Learning Tours

These tours are designed to complement studies of Baccalaureate students and Under Graduates.

Working closely with our network of contacts across a broad range of academic disciplines, we can assist in arranging the specialized locations for these studies together with appropriate transportation and accommodation.

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