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Eco Tourism

Protecting our heritage by reducing environmental impact

As a country – and for the country – Morocco is placing increasing emphasis on minimizing environmental impact as inward tourism continues to grow.

Getting the balance right will never be easy, but Magnificent Morocco is proud to support this initiative with a number of important measures to help protect our natural and cultural heritage for future generations to enjoy.

Even simple steps, like advising our guests to avoid dropping litter and keeping to designated pathways to minimize disturbance to the natural fauna and flora can make a big difference and contribute to a “no trace” policy.

On a wider scale, we’re committed to supporting the sustainable development of host communities and the many micro-economies who welcome us during our travels. Your visit and appreciation of these lifestyles is invaluable in helping the continuity of their traditions and cottage industries as well as maintaining and improving local irrigation systems, land management and animal welfare.

Our focus on socially responsible travel goes far beyond using modern and energy-efficient transportation:

With Magnificent Morocco, you can be assured that not only do we have your best interests at heart but also those of our fellow countrymen and our country.